• By refraining much of the experiences in life events that we encounter it's possible to be happier. The techniques and ideas that Dr. Puff explains so well and so succinctly mean that I listen to this podcast regularly myself and recommended to my clients. What’s nice is that Dr. Puff also shares part of his own struggles as a busy professional and Father which means that this is relatable as well as useful. Dr. Puff has a calming voice and down to earth matter which makes it much less frantic and insistent that other self-help or happiness offerings so it comes across as less as a self-improvement programme and more as suggestions for a kindly uncle which I think is really smart. Thanks for this Dr. Puff. You’re appreciated in England. I feel it.

    TheFitnessYogini iTunes Review
  • “Dr Puff’s Happiness podcast has helped me get through a really rough time in both my personal and professional life. He changed my perspective on a day-to-day basis, and it made me a happier, healthier person, with healthier relationships. I cannot thank Dr Puff enough. Life-changing is the right word to describe his work.”

    T N.
    T N. Yelp Review
  • "Compared to other speakers its like ...Night and Day. I found Dr. Puff to be highly professional and a great joy. I am thoroughly impressed with their knowledge. Using their programs was the best decision I've ever made. I have had to deal with more than one traumatic experience in my life, and through their support I have been freed. They have opened my eyes on everything and it makes me see life in a whole new light. The successes I've accomplished because of them are nothing short of remarkable! THANK YOU!"

    Nick Bauer
    Nick Bauer Computer Systems Analyst, Wichita, KS